Saturday, June 25, 2016

Being Betrayed By Fear

Eight months ago, before Jonathan arrived, I had no idea what was in store for our lives. I feared the unknown and my heart carried with it so much worry. And while there are still moments I struggle with the unknown for his future, whether it's the surgeries or bullying he may face, I can truly say that fear is a liar. It's there to rob us of any hope we have in Jesus. It's there to attempt to make changes to important decisions that God is leading us to make. It's there to misdirect our hearts and shout it's ugly head in places we don't feel we can measure up. It's there to create division in our families and a spirit of discontentment in our homes.

Is this what we really want? Do we really want to allow the enemy to spit these weapons of lies into our very presence to weaken our attempts to be filled with hope? Are we going to allow ourselves to be captured and controlled this way? Do we really want the torches of Jesus we carry to be dimmed and put out because we don't think we can make it to the finish line?

I mean, just look at this sweet face. We've been through months of doctor's appointments and a major surgery already. Sure, it was hard. Handing over a baby to be worked on is not easy. But, we made it through and God knew we'd get here. He knew this was the place and time we would be. We were able to thrive so far through some difficult moments.

If we can just lay our fears at the feet of Jesus. If we can just surrender what we wish we knew about tomorrow. If we could just spend more time soaking in His presence while releasing the very things that make us anxious, we'd be better off. We are being fed lies each and every day. It's so easy to listen to the lies versus stepping past them towards the truth.

It's time to call it's bluff. No matter where you are right now in your life or what lies you are being fed. It's time to face them head on and say, "I'm not allowing you to control me. My fear is in God and God alone."

Maybe you are fearing a relationship right now in your life and how to make it work. Maybe you are afraid of the illness or injury happening to a friend or family member. Or maybe you are in a place of loneliness and feel you don't have anyone to help you through a hard thing.

It's time to get brave and seek Jesus. Now is the time to give your worries to Him and Him alone. Don't allow those fears to ruin your life.