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Unspeakable Joy Exchange Round Three-Caudle Family (CLOSED)

The adoption process is a BIG one. It's one that requires a lot of upfront costs and a season of long wait times. There are people like the Caudle family who desire to grow their family through the adoption process. But they need our help with some of those upfront costs. And you can make it possible for them to bring Deklan home. Below is a summary of how this round of the Unspeakable Joy Exchange will work along with the story of this amazing family.

Clinton and Natalie Caudle, along with their children Macy and Owen, are in the process of adopting a little boy with special needs from China. His name is Deklan and he has won their hearts a million times over. They have completed the pre-approval paperwork and are working through the home study process now. Here is the link to their blog with the latest happenings:

Adoption is very expensive and there are a lot of upfront costs. Christ calls us together to help others with the resources we've been blessed with and I feel like we can really come together and help this family out with the adoption funds. 

So here's the plan. Donate $5-10, or more depending on how much you feel led to give. Where do you donate? Go to: Scroll to the bottom right of the page and find the section that says, "Donate." You can also send a Paypal amount to them at: 

Are you able to pass on that Starbucks coffee today to help bless another family in TREMENDOUS ways? Let's do this, friends! Let's come together as a community and help this sweet family out.

After you have donated, please send the following information to me on this form:

Email Address:
Instagram/Facebook/ Or Any Other Social Media Info:
Favorite Bible Verse:
Home Décor:
Favorite Colors:
Favorite Snack:
Any Other Info About Yourself You'd Like To Share:
Prayer Requests:
Do You Mind Shipping Internationally? Y/N

***What is this exchange and why am I sending you this information? This is so you can be paired up with another Sister in Christ. You will send them a package in the mail and they will send one to you. It's a fun way to not only help the family above but also get to know another believer from around the world/U.S. You are also welcome to email me the above info to Here's more info about it below***

You have until August 7, 2015 to sign up for the Exchange. With the information you receive about your sister in Christ, you will send them some fun surprises in the mail based on the info they shared with you that would bless them. This time's challenge is to send your exchange sister: something with their favorite color, a Fall item (it's just around the corner), and the last item of your choice. (Ideas: something with their favorite Bible verse, journal, Starbucks/iTunes gift card, scarf, book, coffee mug, washi tape, picture frame, jewelry, snack, lip gloss, an item that goes with their home décor, you name it!). Perhaps, you are a creative person. Feel free to make them something handmade. The sky's the limit!

There are 3 items total you will be mailing to them (or more/less depending on how you'd like to do this- please use this as a guideline to help you or be as creative as you want to be), and they need to go out NLT September 1, 2015. This does not need to be an expensive exchange. The minimum does need to be about $15.

Here are the steps for this exchange:

Step 1:
Donate to the Caudle family at:  (send Paypal for whatever amount you'd like to donate) or: Look at the bottom of the page and find Donate. You have two options, one for Paypal and the other for Pure Charity.
Remember, you cannot participate in the exchange until you have donated. This is the purpose behind the fun! :) We are helping to bless this family in whatever way we can.

Step 2:
Sign up for the exchange through this form by clicking here or going to:

Or you can email me the above info to

Step 3:
Pray for the Caudle family!!! Get the word out about the exchange through your social media sites. Even if you do not intend to participate, we need to get the word out for their support. They really want to bring their son home. So share away!!!

Step 4:
You will receive your exchange sister's name/info NLT August 15, 2015. I am generally quick with getting that info out. But in the event that something happens, you will have that info by that date above. Be sure to check your email for the info. If you do not receive it by that date, please let me know. I may not have received your info for the exchange. After you've received your sister's info, pray for her the next couple of weeks. Feel free to send her an email and introduce yourself. If you have a social media account, find her there.

Step 5:
Get the package together over these couple of weeks. Feel free to use this as a guideline as to what to send them:
  1. Item of your choice
  2. A Fall Item
  3. Item with their favorite color.
Step 6:
Mail the package by: September 1, 2015. I am trying something different with this round. I am asking that you send me your tracking number once you've mailed it ( I want to insure that everyone receives their package. If I do not receive your tracking number, I will contact you. If you do not receive something from your exchange sister, please let me know. I don't want anyone to walk away from this exchange empty-handed.

Step 7:
If you have an Instagram account, please share what you are sending to (all wrapped up) or receiving from your sister. Include the hashtag #unspeakablejoyexchange2015 This helps those in future rounds to know what to expect.

Step 8:
Finally, share about this exchange with your friends and family. The more we have involved, the merrier.

PLEASE NOTE: Even if you will not be able to donate at this time, please feel free to send the Caudle family an encouraging note to their email ( Keep them in your prayers. Even more, please share this with others. My prayer is that we can help this family out with donations, prayers, and word of mouth!

INSTAGRAM PEOPLE: Are you on Instagram? Here's where I need your help. To draw attention to this exchange, I am hosting a giveaway. My screen name is carebearmccoy (go find me). Look for the Chic Fil A giveaway post. To enter the $25 Chic Fil A gift card giveaway, I need you to:
1.)Follow Me (to keep up with future Unspeakable Joy Exchanges)
2.) Like My Giveaway Post
3.) Tag Two Friends Below the Post
4.) And Share the Giveaway Picture on your Instagram account. Invite your friends to join the exchange. Please include the hashtag #unspeakablejoygiveaway1

This giveaway ends on August 7th. One lucky winner will be chosen at random after August 7th! :-)

NOW... If you have donated, submitted the info for the exchange, and shared about this with family/friends through email or social media, you are eligible to enter into a giveaway for a box of gifts from Fair Trade Friday (worth $45). Whoop! Whoop! Fair Trade Friday helps to employ women in Kenya through the Mercy House so they can provide for their children. They make a variety of beautiful fair trade items that empower women. ( If you are the winner, you will receive a one-time gift box filled with a variety of items.

Follow this link to the giveaway page to enter. You can enter in daily until the exchange closes and a winner will be chosen at random by Giveaway Tools. Go Here Now...:

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