Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Unspeakable Joy Exchange Round Two (CLOSED)

Guess what, ladies??? The Exchange is starting up again! 

This time we are looking to support a family who lives and works in Haiti. Nick and Sara DAcquisto along with their children have been living and working in Ouanaminthe, Haiti at Danita's Children Orphanage. They are currently overseeing the girl's house and house parenting 26 girls from age 10-21. Do they rock or what? Meanwhile, they are adopting a precious little girl from there as well. Let's come together and offer prayers, support, and encouragement during their final months over there. You can read more about them here: https://dacquistofamily.wordpress.com/

So here’s the plan: Donate $5-10 or more, however much you feel led to give. Where do you donate? Head on over to their website on the right-side and find the two different ways you can support their ministry. 

 GO HERE: https://dacquistofamily.wordpress.com/  OR http://www.foreignmissionsociety.org/give/

If you would like, you can also send a donation to Danita's Children Orphanage. They rescue and care for orphaned and impoverished children. Please go take the time to read how the story of this orphanage started and if you are able, feel free to donate to them as well. Every little bit helps! To do so, go to: http://danitaschildren.org/

After you’ve donated, send me the following info through this form here:
Email Address:
Any Other Social Media Stuff:
Favorite Bible Verse:
Favorite Color(s):
Prayer Requests:
Do you mind shipping internationally? Y/N

*** What is this exchange and why am I sending you this information? This is so you can be paired up with another Sister in Christ. You will send them a package in the mail and they will send one to you. It's a fun way to not only help the missionaries above but also get to know another believer. You are also welcome to email me the info to unspeakablejoymccoy@gmail.com. Here's more about it below ***

You have until April 7, 2015 to sign up for the Exchange. This time’s challenge is to send your exchange sister: something with their favorite color, a floral/spring item, and the last item of your choice (Ideas: something with their favorite Bible verse, journal, Starbucks gift card, scarf, book, coffee mug, washi tape, picture frame, jewelry, snack, lip gloss, etc.). There are 3 items total you will be mailing to them and they need to go out on April 24, 2015. Let’s set the limit again to $20 spent.  

Here are the steps for this exchange:

Step 1:
Donate to Nick and Sara D'Acquisto at https://dacquistofamily.wordpress.com or http://www.foreignmissionsociety.org/give /   
Remember, you cannot participate in the exchange until you have donated.  This is the purpose behind the fun! :) We are helping to bless this family in whatever way we can.

Step 2: 
Sign up for the exchange through this  form here form here:
OR you can email me the above info to unspeakablejoymccoy@gmail.com. 
Step 3: 
PRAY for the D'Acquisto family!!!

Step 4: 
You will receive your exchange sister’s name NLT April 10, 2015. After you’ve received your sister's info, pray for her the next two weeks. Feel free to send her an email and introduce yourself.  If you have a social media account, find her there. Get to know her during this time.

Step 5: 
Get the package together over these two weeks.  Be sure to send them these three items:
1.)    Item of your choice
2.)    Item that contains their favorite color
3.)    A floral /spring item

Step 6: Mail the package by: April 24, 2015. If you can't make it to the post office that day, you can send it a day or two earlier. Just remember that it needs to be sent by that date! :)

Finally, share about this exchange with your friends and family. The more we have involved, the merrier. Even if you will not be able to donate at this time, please feel free to send Nick and Sara an encouraging note through their website. And keep them in your prayers. 


Carrie Lynne


  1. Carrie, I love your heart! Thank you for allowing me to enter in and bless others because of it. I look forward to getting to know my new sister in Christ. Meanwhile, I look forward to praying with you and everyone else for the DAcquisto family.

  2. They are "Good!" I am hopping over from FMF. We cannot give financially at this time as we have some unexpected costs this month, but I will pray for them in Haiti! What a sweet looking family. We have friends we sponsor in Mexico who have three children also. Missionaries are amazing. Glad you are able to support your friends and share their story! Jenn Cook Happy Easter!