Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Unspeakable Joy Exchange (CLOSED)



The Rules:

     To be entered into the exchange, you will pay a $5-10 donation which goes to

Christians-In-Action to support some missionaries leading a medical mission to Guatemala this summer 2015 (http://www.cinami.org/mccabe.html). The funds will go towards  medications and supplies needed for them to do their outreach.  Please be sure you do the step of donating first .  This is important as this is the purpose behind the fun. :) After you have donated, you will then submit your entry to the exchange. To be apart of the exchange, email me at unspeakablejoymccoy@gmail.com with your name and address by February 14, 2015. I will pair you up with another person and you will send them a package in the mail filled with goodies for them under $20. Ideas are: coffee mugs, scarves, notecards, journals, notepads, pens, jewelry, something you made, etc. The package will need to be mailed on March 3, 2015. If you live overseas, you are more than welcome to participate. Just give me a head's up and I will let your person know that their package may take a few days longer to receive. You will also be praying for the person you are sending the package out to for this exchange.

Step 1:
Donate $5-10 to the missionaries, Ron and Virginia McCabe, at http://www.cinami.org/mccabe.html

Step 2:
After donating, email me at unspeakablejoymccoy@gmail.com. Please include name, mailing address, and email. If you want to be connected with your new Sister in Christ through social media, be sure to include that info as well so they can find you.  Sign-ups for this exchange ends February 14, 2015.

Step 3:
 You will receive an email NLT February 17, 2015 with the person’s name and address who you will send a package to in the mail.

Step 4:
Get a package together for this person and pray for them over these two weeks.

Step 5:
Mail the package on March 3, 2015.

NOTE: Please don’t sign up and then not mail a package to your person. The fun part of this is getting to pray for another sister in Christ and also being able to help fund an important mission to help others in Guatemala.  
                                                              HAVE FUN!

You are welcome to take pictures of your packages that you send or receive to post on social media. Be sure to include the hashtag #unspeakablejoyexchange2015

AND... please share this page with others. You can share it through social media,  email, word of mouth,  etc. Let's get the word out! The more we have involved, the merrier it will be.


  1. What a creative idea, Carrie! Praying it goes well :-) Thanks for joining our little community today.

  2. That is a creative idea. I like that there is a giving towards medical missions. Then there is the fun of mailing and receiving a packing. Very cool.