Saturday, February 14, 2015

Journey of Faith

There once was a climber named Faith who was climbing Mt. Overkill. She carried alongside of her a piece of the Hopeful Heart. This precious gift of the Hopeful Heart was given to her from the Light above when Faith vowed to make the journey. She wore special shoes to make the climb called Peace. These Peace shoes allowed her to have steady feet and worked together with her Hopeful Heart. Another part of Faith's gear was her Rope of Salvation. As long as she held onto that rope, she would not fall into the Grave of Destruction below. With these things, the journey was not an easy one. She faced many hurdles along the way.

When Hurricane Crazy arrived,  it nearly caused her to loose her mind. Yet, Faith fought the urge to be overcome with the storm all around her and she journeyed upwards. Then, she stayed the course of the journey through Earthquake Panic Attack. With no warning to prepare her,  Earthquake Panic Attack almost shook her off.  Yet, she held on to her Rope of Salvation and was able to get through it.

Many times on the journey, Temptation Wildfire would arrive on Mt. Overkill and Faith would start to consider a different path. This path seemed more exciting, where a majority of the people were headed, and less work. But a Light was shining before her on the path she was already on, so she continued toward it instead.

Faith knew that the Light carried the rest of what she needed to be fulfilled beyond the Hopeful Heart, shoes of Peace, and Rope of Salvation.

Before much longer, heavy boulders would come her way carrying with them pains-of-jealousy as she compared her load to others who were on the journey too. She would wish she was journeying like another climber who faced less boulders along the way. In time, she realized that though she didn't always see them, they had their own obstacles they faced on the climb. With that knowledge, she was able to press on.

Further ahead still, Faith ran into more trouble. Feeling their prickle, sharp thorns would pierce her skin building up fear each step she took. She started to shiver thinking another thorn was ahead and proceeded much of the time with fear. And like the fear of thorns,  she felt her throat was dry. Faith thirsted for water but it was far above her. So she worried she wouldn't make it in time to get a drink before the water dried up. But her Peace shoes gave her the reminder she needed that she was not alone. She did not need to worry for the Light knew what would happen next.

After all that Faith endured through her journey up Mt. Overkill, she reached the top. The Light was there waiting for her along with others who made the same journey. Immediate relief was felt by Faith in the most amazing way possible. She made it and she was free.

Sometimes life is kind of like carrying the weight of a heavy backpack while climbing up a steep  mountain. The contents found within the backpack are often overwhelming as it's filled with grief, jealousy, anxiety, pain, helplessness, worry, fear, and sorrow. The longer we climb that victorious mountain, the heavier the load gets along the way. With age, comes more pain. With life experience, comes more sorrow.

As the climber, you find it harder to breathe. At any second, you feel as though you'll fall backwards into the grave of destruction. So you keep striving to climb, breathing harder, reaching further, and struggling deeper than you are able.

What if I told you that you don't have to face that mountain alone? What if I told you that the One who created you is right along side you, pulling you up the mountain, and wanting to give you relief? What if I told you that He is there with open arms, waiting to remove that backpack?  What if I told you that you just have to have a steady focus of the journey ahead, knowing that good things await for you when you arrive?

As you arrive, your heart bursts with joy bigger than you've ever imagined.  In this place, you hear the most glorious voices singing with purity, beauty, and grace. You no longer feel the contents you've been carrying around in your backpack. You are free to roam, free to love without pain, and free to be united with loved ones once again.

When you have that vision of hope, you can keep on climbing.  Even when the weight of the backpack gets heavier, you can persevere. You know what lies ahead is greater than anything you've ever known. All you have to do is keep on going.

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you've found the One who can help you on your journey through life. He loves you so much and the gift He gives of salvation is free. All you have to do is believe!


  1. This was wonderful, thanks for posting it Carrie! <3 ya friend!!!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, sweet friend!