Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Real You

Sometimes in our daily lives, we question ourselves and our identity. We struggle with finding out who we really are and whether we are good enough.

All I did today was chase children and change diapers. I washed soiled laundry and swept the floors like Cinderella. That seems so ordinary.

I’ve got my nine to five workday going on, same ol’ thing each day. I wake up to the alarm, shower, drink coffee on the way… work, work, work. I drive home, eat dinner, and go to sleep. That seems so ordinary.

Wow, all this schoolwork is piling up high. I’ve got papers to write and hours of studying to do before finals. That seems so ordinary.

But what if I told you that ordinary part of yourself is the real you?  All that you do each and every day, no matter how ordinary it seems, is part of the plan He has for you. He created you with a specific purpose to go forth and serve the world, wherever you are at in life.

If you have adult children and are retired, you have ways to serve by volunteering or helping a neighbor. You can make meals for a mother of littles who’s had a long week. Or you can follow the Titus 2 model with the younger women around you. Even more, you can take friends suffering from health problems to their doctor’s appointments, caring for them through each step.

If you have little ones at home, you serve them through diaper changes, story time, and yes, even potty training. You share the love of Jesus by training them up in the way they should go.

If you are a widow, you can serve the church with various tasks or grow a garden and give the best flowers to the people who need them most.

If you are working full time, you can serve those around you giving glimpses of Jesus through your good attitudes, actions and perseverance while sharing the Gospel at every opportunity.

 There are always ways to be the real you, even with the little things you do. In fact, God places desires in our hearts. When we trust His plan by following those desires, we can pour out our souls and service in ways that are beyond what we consider ordinary. Those ordinary ways are TRULY GRAND.  

Can I tell you something? God designed me to be a homemaker. There are days that aren’t always pretty combined with those who think that what I do isn’t worth anything. But guess what?  It is all part of God’s design for me. He designed me this way and this is the real me. It may seem ordinary to some… those who insist homemaking is a thing from the past. But it’s what I do and it’s what I do best.

Once I discovered the gifts and strengths that He gave me, I realized how I can use them for His kingdom. Sure, I want do-over days. The kind of days where I had a head cold, didn’t do much with the kids, or got a little discouraged. They are the days I need the most grace. But His strengths are made strong in my weaknesses. And by that, He can grow my faith to be BIGGER than a mustard seed. Can I get a Hallelujah???

The good news is we get to start over the next morning and continue our journey of serving with whatever gifts God gave us. Our different gifts are unique to us so that we can serve in different ways I n the community. So, GO! SERVE! And remember your life is more than ordinary!

What is the real you? What are your strengths? Are you using them?

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  1. Hi Carrie,

    Great post! Wow, you got a lot in there in five minutes -- you go girl!

    Funny bit, I have a friend here in WV whose name is Carrie McCoy (her maiden name).

    Hope your weekend is blessed!
    Selena via FMF

    1. Hi Selena,

      Haha! Yes, I have trouble with keeping it under five minutes.

      How fun about another Carrie McCoy. That's pretty cool!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for this reminder that what I am doing is what God has for me at this moment. What an encouragement your post is for me today. Thanks for visiting my blog =) Have a great day!

    1. I'm glad I was able to bring some encouragement to you! I'm so happy you stopped by!

  3. Hey there! We followed one another on google plus :) I wanted to let you know, if you wanted to keep in touch, I'm no longer on google plus, but I am still around :)
    http://duncanpartyofsix.blogspot.com/ If you wanna follow on blogger!

    1. You betcha! I will definitely be continuing to follow your blog. I love your posts, Stacy! They are very right on!

    2. You betcha! I will definitely be continuing to follow your blog. I love your posts, Stacy! They are very right on!