Monday, July 6, 2015

Tag, You're It!

Are you wondering how you can get back in touch in a more interpersonal way with friends and family? Do you enjoy the exchange of snail mail? Would you like to have the opportunity to ask someone questions to get to know them better?

It's all possible by playing Mail Tag.

What is Mail Tag?
Created by Blanca Jagoe, "it is a fun way to get to know someone better. It revolves around an exchange of postal correspondence." You can download the free printable from the website and send it out to your friends to get it started. Ask them some questions or make some requests. They respond to your mail and send you new questions/requests. (

What I love about Mail Tag?
It really allows you to get to know a person better. You get to open up about yourself sharing parts of your life through snail mail as well as answering fun questions or responding to fun requests. It takes a person beyond the standard way of communicating through social media as is done now-a-days and allows you to get to really develop a special relationship. It goes back to the days of sharing your life with others, building up relationships that matter, and being an encouragement to one another.

What kinds of questions do you ask?
Whatever you think you'd like to ask, go for it! Included here are some pictures of some of the mail tags I've sent and received from others.

How long do you have until you need to respond?
The beauty of it is that you don't have a deadline. Some days are busier than others. Sometimes, there is a quick turn-around and other times, it could be a few weeks. Either way, the letters always seem to arrive just when you need it. And you'll feel like a giddy person opening your mailbox and anxiously getting the letter open to read. It's so much fun!

You'll adore having pen pals, no matter your age. For me, I enjoy sending and receiving every letter through the process.

Come join in the fun and you'll be happy you were apart of this fun activity!

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