Friday, April 22, 2016

Unspeakable Joy Exchange Round Four Giveaway

This is a giveaway that I am hosting as a bonus to bless someone who has donated to Cleft Kids, signed up for the exchange, and shared about the event on social media.

I am so thankful to you for your donations, support, prayers, and willingness to get this out through word-of-mouth. Because of your generosity, this is for you.

One winner will be chosen after the exchange has closed through Giveaway Tools. If you are here by accident and have not completed the things mentioned in the first line, go back to here to get started:

This giveaway features a $25 Amazon gift card and a book called Fast Friends.

To enter, go here:


  1. Thanks so much Carrie. Say Hi to the family!!!

  2. God is so good and will use this for good!

  3. Do you have a large # of people joining this time?

    1. I'm not sure yet! I've had a lot of people say they wanted to do it through messages. I imagine more will sign up after payday.

  4. So excited to join in this round! <3 -Audrey Tolle