Saturday, October 29, 2016

Vegetarian Gone Wild

      It all started with a need for employment at the age of 16.  Actually, I already got hired by Rollertowne, a place where teenagers and younger children went to skate. But then I realized that I kind of needed to be good at roller skating. They realized that I wasn't a skater after hiring me when I would ease my way around the rink holding on to the sides while trying to whistle at kids to stop doing things. So they stuck me behind the food counter. My hours they gave me became limited as well. After a couple of weeks, I realized I needed to realistically find something else. So I started applying elsewhere around town. 

      Later, I was called by a popular restaurant in town called In-N-Out. They recognized that I had a cheery personality and quickly called me out for a job interview. Comically, at the time, I was going through a trendy Vegetarian diet stage where I wasn't eating meat. My plan was to stay a vegetarian. That's what all my friends were doing so it just made sense to join the peer pressure bandwagon. I attended the interview and was hired for the job that day. With this news, I quickly quit my other job and started employment at this new place. 

      Once I began working there, I not only smelled the cooking smells all day, but I also smelled like a burger until I showered after I got home. One day, after much convincing from my fellow employees, I tried a cheeseburger during break time. It was the best thing ever! Every employee from In-N-Out will tell you that they taste so much better when you eat one on your break than actually picking one up as a paying customer. They are made the same, but they give you a different taste. I suppose it is because you smell them all day long so your senses play mind games on you. 

      Besides becoming a fan of their food, I also became a fan of a handsome guy. This fry guy won my heart over and we started dating. An In-N-Out romance began which progressed on to a strong marriage of 13 years so far with seven children too. It's fun to look back and see how God led me to my spouse and a new generation of children came from this experience. 

      I am thankful for those memories of those early days of fast food, failed roller skating rink jobs, and burger smelling hair. There was a lot of growth that came from it not only in family size, but in wisdom too. It led me to some great and wonderful places of where I am at today. 

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  1. It is wonderful to look at our lives and recognize how God was moving in the circumstances of our lives, especially the challenging ones, for our good. Thanks for sharing your story and in a humorous way.:-) Visiting from FMF. Blessings

  2. I'm a horrible skater. Such a sweet story. Loved learning more about you friend. I'm in the 42 spot this week.

  3. What a fun story! Isn't it amazing how God gets us just where we need to be at the right time in spite of ourselves?
    Elizabeth Meyers