Saturday, August 15, 2015

When We Learn to Disconnect

Through observing people, I have really noticed the way technology has seemed to take over the lives of so many of our world. Whether through TV watching, Facebook/ Instagram scanning, or just surfing through the web, we are all becoming robots. 

Often times, the first things we do is reach for the phone or computer to check it as we wake up. We want to know the very latest or respond as quickly as we can. Other times, as soon as we sit down, we turn on the TV, even for background noise. I have been guilty of some of this myself. 

But it can also be so frustrating when you have company and people are staring at their phones. If you go to a restaurant, it's easy to notice how people at the tables are not conversing but busy on their phones as well. This idol we can't live without is becoming a source we need to really step back and consider. It's scary to think how addicting it is becoming to so many lives as we allow it to take over every aspect. 

It's been a learning process for me as I've had to slowly let go of things like Facebook. I've used it for the Unspeakable Joy Exchanges, which has been a great tool to get the word out. However, even my short time on there re-activating my account leads me to begin scanning everything, even just to get caught up. 

When's the last time we spent time with pure silence? When is the last time we could say that we were bored? Why do we constantly need time to have our minds controlled by technology? Are we being active enough to step beyond media to real-relationships, real-time, and real-important news? Do we really need to use the argument that we don't have time for God?

I have been guilty of shushing my children so I could "look something up" or check the latest statuses. Most of the time, those statuses aren't even important, particularly when it's someone's meal picture they've shared or their latest workout selfie. What is important is to step away and observe the every day without the technology. 

We don't watch TV during the week in our home. On the weekends, we enjoy a movie night on Saturday night. There are things I am working on for myself with media and using it less as an outlet for those moments of quiet that happen. 

I enjoy writing and blogging. It's been a great tool for me to get my words out there that I feel are necessary to share. Nonetheless, I have decided to take a major break from blogging for awhile as well as other forms of cutting back. I've decided that I will not check my phone often for texts but be more proactive in only sending them as necessary, mostly at the end of the day. I want to enjoy the day and be bored. I want to have moments where I can sit and watch the birds of the air. I want my children to have a mom who's active in their lives and not too busy looking at things online. It's time we take back our lives from this overpowering tool and find ways to use it less. 

I will miss sharing my posts on here for awhile. Thank you to those who have been supportive of my blogging and willing to encourage my writing. For now though, I am learning to live more in the moment and this is part of what I must give up in the process. 

Continue to live joyfully, my friends! I look forward to staying in touch through other ways for the time being. God bless!


  1. Stopping by from FMF. Thanks for sharing and your example of courage to do what is best for you! There was a song that popped up and started playing while I was trying to read your post and I had to turn it off! It was so distracting. yes we need more silence and we need to disconnect from that which steals our energy and weighs us down. Carpe Diem!

  2. I'm learning to not fill all of my time, but rather create space to just think and be - with no technology interrupting. It's important for sure.

  3. Oh friend, yes! We all can learn from you! Enjoy your time with your family. I hope you come back after your hiatus friend. I'm parked in the #12 spot this week!